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Creating Content for Synergy Workshop (Beta)

This document is a work in progress.

Creating Workshop Items is only supported on the Windows platform at the time of this writing.


Once you have your content ready to go, navigate to your Synergy install directory. (Typically in …Steam/steamapps/common/Synergy/synergy/workshop, create the workshop folder if it does not exist.) Now create a subfolder in /workshop with any unique name for your workshop item. Copy your workshop content into this subfolder, be sure to follow the Content Structure (Bottom of page) this is the content that will be uploaded to Synergy’s Workshop.

Creating the Item

Once your content is ready to be uploaded, launch Synergy.

The Workshop creation tool is in the Synergy game client. Once loaded into Synergy in the main menu, push the workshop button on the main menu or use the developer console and type in the “workshop” command. This will bring up Synergy’s Workshop Manager Menu. This menu is where you create and update your Workshop Items.

  1. (Optional) - Add the Title, Description, and the Preview Image.
  2. Select whether you’re creating a new item or updating an existing one.
  3. Select the Item Type (See Item Types below)
  4. Browse the directory that is holding your item contents and select the root folder
  5. Review and accept the Steam Workshop Agreement and check the box.
  6. Click Publish
  7. You’re item will now upload to Synergy Workshop and will open a SteamUI webpage do your item
  8. Subscribe to your item and test it, make changes as needed through the Synergy Workshop website or the Synergy client
  9. When ready for public release change the Visibility settings on the website to public.
  10. Done!

    Menu fields
  • Title: Name of your Workshop Item.
  • Description: Your Item’s long description.
  • Preview Image File: Your Item’s long description.
  • *Item Type: Your Item’s long description.
  • Content Directory: Your Item’s long description.
  • Description: The location of the content that you are uploading – used to generate the VPK File (i.e. the folder you created in an earlier step (…Steam/steamapps/common/Synergy/synergy/workshop/…) ).
  • **VPK File: The compiled file that is ready to be uploaded to Synergy Workshop.


**Required; Can only be edited in the Synergy client, everything else can be changed on the Synergy Workshop webpage (link).

Content Structure

The structure if your content should mimic the content in the Steam/steamapps/common/Synergy/synergy/ directory

.../Synergy/synergy/workshop/(your item folder)/maps .../Synergy/synergy/workshop/(your item folder)/materials .../Synergy/synergy/workshop/(your item folder)/models .../Synergy/synergy/workshop/(your item folder)/sounds

Item Types

Technically all forms of content are supported, but we categorized it into two distinct groups.

  • Add-on: Adds content to Synergy without overriding base content
  • Item Replacement: Content will override all other base content.
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